Welcome to my Blog. This site will focus on Mobile, Portable and Home Station projects associated with Amateur Radio with and emphasis on the Microwave Band from 23cm to 3cm.

I will also be describing a number of projects in the microwave area that I am currently working on or have completed in the past.

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3 Responses to Welcome

  1. Wow, what a snappy document.
    Plenty of food for thought.
    Great stuff


    Richard VK4RY

    • vk4zq says:

      Hello Richard,
      Thank you for the kind words. I have had a lot of fun building the equipment and the field day was most satisfying as I had multiple contacts on all 8 bands.
      Regards Roy VK4ZQ

  2. Wayne says:

    Your equipment is squeeky clean…
    A word from the wise. Check the voltage drop accross your current meter.
    You are wasting a lot of power. Use a shunt and a microamp meter.
    Wayne, VK4WS.

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