Microwave Transverter Additions

The following shows some additional images of my Microwave transverters. As mentioned previously the transverters were designed to allow power amplifiers to be added. This is accomplished by adding a second die-cast enclosure on the base of the transverter. The following shows the 10Ghz transverter Power amplifier, pre-amplifier and sequence switcher.

10Ghz Power Amplifier, Pre-amplifier and Sequencer

You will also note that the 10Ghz Transverter shown in the next image has a panel meter mounted on the rear of the main transverter enclosure. Metering plays an important role in portable operation and in this case the DC supply voltage can be monitored as can the Power amplifier drive, and Power Output. In this case I have rescaled a 50uA meter to show DC volts in Black and RF levels in Red. The scales were produced using Microsoft XL with aid of the drawing tools available in the software. This image was then scaled down to fit the meter. The normal meter face was removed (2 screws) and used as a template for the new meter face. I printed the new meter faces on “Matt Photographic Paper” on a laser Colour printer.
The meter scales are selected by the toggle switches on the side of the transverter.

10Ghz Transverter showing metering

In the next image there is a view of the side of the transverter showing the Power Connector, Main DC Fuse, Toggle Switches for Power On/Off, DC/RF, Power Output/Drive Level and finally the IF connection.

10Ghz Transverter Side View

3.4Ghz Transverter showing Connections

As shown in the above image of the 3.4Ghz transverter, while no power amplifier has been added to the basic unit, the connections are essentially the same with one exception, the Drive/Power Output switch has not neen added. If however a power Amplifier Unit is added, there is room to add the switch. It will also be noted that the format of the 3.4Ghz transverter is the mirror image of the 10Ghz transverter shown previously.

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