Mounts for Off-set Dishes

A number of questions that I have received have prompted me to publish the following images that show a close up of the Tri-pod Dish mounts that I used on 3.4 and 5.7Ghz.

Another View of the Off-set Dish Mount

The assembles were constructed using galvanised post stirrups that are available at a number of hardware stores.

Dish Mount for 9cm Off-set Dish

The stirrups were bent to produce an angle of 68degrees from the horizontal or if you prefer the reciprocal 22degrees from the vertical. This angle was then reinforced by inserting a gusset into the open end. I could have weldered the gusset but decided that the bolted gusset gave me a little more flexibility as some dishes  require a 65 degree angle.

These angles ensure that the  focal point of the dish points to the horizon.

There a number of anticles on the internet that discuss how to calculate the angle that is required for specific types of dishes.

3.4Ghz Dish Mount

I am sure the creative among you have other ways to solve this problem but this method worked for me.

The whole assembly is bolted to the try-pod using a 5/8 whitworth galvanised bolt that is usually supplied with this type of tri-pod.

In using this method the Dish mounting the mounting pipe for the dish is set at the correct angle to mount the off-set dish.

I hope those who are attempting to use this type of tri-pod are able to gain some ideas from these images of the solution I used to good effect.

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3 Responses to Mounts for Off-set Dishes

  1. Peter Westgarth VK3APW says:

    Hi Roy,
    I like your approach to the offset dish mounting ‘problem’. Hope you don’t mind if I copy your ideas. I have some tripods, as you have, but have been fluffing around trying to work out how to mount the dishes on them. Your solution ticks all the boxes.
    The offset dishes I have used, have an extra bonus, of being able to remove the feed arm. I have the transverters mounted as you have, but they can be removed quickly with the release of a 1/4 thumb screw. Makes them easy to pack for transport, and quick to set up.
    Great portable station you have, many, many hours invested, but what a great result.
    Best Regard
    Peter vk3apw

    • vk4zq says:

      Hello Peter,
      Thanks for the kind words and for visiting my Blog.
      I am very happy if you wish to copy the mounts as I have found the solution easy to use.
      Ok on the Dish arms! I do exactly the same thing using wing nuts on all of the Disk brackets and if you have a look at the image of the back of my SUV that I have shown in the “Field Day” post you will see both of the arms actually fitted into the timber carrier on the shelf under the Dishes. It makes the transportation very easy indeed.
      I use wing nuts, lock washers and spring washers on most attachments to facilate ease of assemble and dismantling especially in the dark!
      Great to hear from you Peter.
      Good luck with your project!
      73 Roy VK4ZQ

  2. Graham McPhee says:

    Just letting you that I have logged into your site

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