About VK4ZQ


Roy O’Malley VK4ZQ

I was first licenced in 1957. I am currently active on all band from 160m to 3cm. I enjoy all aspects of amateur radio with my station supporting a variety of modes.

The Commercial Equipment is basically ICOM as the serial “BUS” system provides excellent computer control and is ideal for the modes I use regularly. I enjoy building equipment and antennas especially on the VHF, UHF and Microwave bands.

My amateur station is supported by a mix of Microsoft, Linux and Apple computer systems using hard wired and Wireless networking. The computer system also interfaces to many of the radio systems with an internet connection being provided by a broadband cable service.


20 Responses to About VK4ZQ

  1. Graham McPhee says:

    Graham McPhee has logged into your site Roy

  2. Peter Tottle says:

    Hi Roy, Thanks for the nice long & interesting chat on D-Star on the 30th Sept11.
    I am very impressed with your Microwave page. Lots of interesting goodies to ogle & wish I also had. I don’t see any of that stuff out here in Southern Africa up for grabs.
    73’s Peter ZS2ABF.

    • vk4zq says:

      Hello Peter,
      Thank you for your comments on the Blog. Thanks also for the great QSO on DStar it was a lot of fun.
      I enjoyed building the projects that I have outlined in the Blog, I enjoy getting into the workshop and seeing what I can make!
      Regards Roy VK4ZQ

  3. Dale says:

    Excellent site Roy. Congratulations on your construction efforts and then documenting it all. I have found it all very interesting. I wonder if you every knew Des Clift VK5ZO SK? Also a microwave enthusiast here in VK5. Your experiences with battery power, polarity protection, metering etc are all very useful reminders for portable station development.
    Thanks for the very relevant site and information.
    Dale VK5DC

    • vk4zq says:

      Hello Dale,
      Thank you for you kind remarks. The Microwave Projects have been a lot of fun to produce. I enjoy the time I spend in the workshop.
      I seem to remember having a number of discussions with Des but I can’t rember when.
      Thanks again for your comments.
      73 Roy VK4ZQ

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  5. Murrsy says:

    I am on the way to Cairns 31-7-16. Then I spend 20days traveling around ( In QLD ) Fly out
    of Brisbane on the 19-8-16 73 Murray ZL3MH

  6. Hi Roy,
    Thanks for the quick QSO on SO-50, apologises for it being so short. I do not have a rotator and I was waving the antennas around by hand. Extreamely ad-hoc. I’m working to a better solution for antenna pointing now which involves a used pan/tilt from a camera. Software is good to go, just sorting out the hardware.

    You have a lot of info on your blog that I will certainly becoming back to peruse.


    • vk4zq says:

      Hello David,
      Very pleased to work you on SO-50 today. Thank you for your comments on my Blog.
      If I can help you with any information just let me know!
      Regards and best wishes
      Roy VK4ZQ.

  7. Luciano says:

    Hi Roy,
    congratulations, site full of information and experiences.
    I will treasure it.

    Yours sincerely.

    73 Luciano IW0EHS

  8. Pieter says:

    Hi Roy,
    Thanks for all it looks good I like to operate mobile and field have been doing a lot of but do not do the digi stuff and satalites HF and VHF/UHF only, I will mail you some of my play pen stuff,
    Thank you , Pieter ,ZL1PDT/ ZL1LIG (lighthouse)/ ex ZS1PDT

    • vk4zq says:

      Hello Pieter,
      thank you for the kind words. Our hobby has many facets and they are all fun. I get a great amount of satisfaction from our hobby and obviously you do too!
      All the best to you and your family.
      73’s Roy VK4ZQ

  9. Liam says:

    Hi Roy. Thanks for the contact on AO-92 on the 2/3/19. At least I know im getting onto the sat with my little handheld but I do experience significant fading on AO-92 compared to

    73’s Liam – VK5FLPM

    • vk4zq says:

      Hello Liam, it was very nice to hear you on AO-92.
      I will look for you in the future and hope that the satellite will be in a better location for you. Well done on your efforts to date!
      73 Roy VK4ZQ

  10. Jan Valentik says:

    Dear ROY thank you for giving information to OM1YU, regarding the mobile satellite annten.
    I am YU7TX and this information is actually for me. I want to make such an antenna and start to be interested in satellite communications.
    I YU7TX and OM1YU are long-standing acquaintances. It’s our birthplace, but he moved to Slovakia.
    Thanks again for information.
    YU7TX Jan. 73

  11. Jan Valentik says:

    Dear Roy.
    What is the diameter of BOOM in your portable duoband satellite antenna ( 2m/70cm ) ?
    I have a BOOM with dimensions of 20mm X 30mm. Will such BOOM be good or need some other dimension? 20mm X 20mm, 30mm X 30mm or ……..
    73 Jan YU7TX

    • vk4zq says:

      Hello Jan,
      The boom size I used 20 x 20 mm but you can use 20 x 30 mm but be aware that all the elements passing through the 30mm part of the boom will need to be corrected in their length. The reason for this is based on the fact that the boom shorts the elements when they pass through the boom.
      When the element is fed through the boom that is 20mm across the elements will be able to use the element lengths given, while the elements fed through the boom that is 30mm across the elements will need to be 10mm longer.
      A quick check on my computer model indicates there is no problems in evidence and the resonant frequency remains almost the same.
      I hope this answers your question. Sorry for the delay in replying but I just wanted to test the process on my modelling software before giving you an answer.
      73 Roy VK4ZQ.

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